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With This Software, You Don’t Need Any A.I or Copywriting Experience to Produce Emails That Will Get Record-Breaking Open Rates, Click-Through Rates, and Conversion Rates...

Some of our customers have used Rytr, Jasper, Copysmith, Writesonic, Anyword, CopyAI, and other AI tools In the past...

And they are all saying that EmailWritr is far better...

Brandon G


Email Marketer

I was skeptical about its ability to produce good email copy since we are DIE-HARD Jarvis fans. 

But when I signed up for EmailWritr, it was immediately clear that this was the missing piece to boost our email marketing to next level.

Anyone who literally does any kind of email marketing needs this tool. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about this tool. I cannot wait for them to continue to add more and more sequences. Absolutely incredible!


Boolean Bytes

I was thinking of refunding it after purchasing a couple of AI writers with more reviews. 

However, I gave it a try and realized it could be used along with them and probably more for email sequences. It wrote an awesome testimonial request to a previous client and received their reply very soon. 

The ‘human’ touch it generates is more powerful than any AI writer I’ve tested so far. A good tool to have in the arsenal to generate polished email sequences.


Adam Garrett


Initially, I gave access to this product to my VA, asking him to evaluate it and test it thoroughly, especially for e-commerce and affiliate marketing. After a couple of hours, I got quite negative feedback.

So, before returning, I decided to jump myself and create a few email sequences to see what could be done. And…to my surprise, the software works really well and has many options that I’m yet to uncover.

And taking into consideration it’s not an Open AI GPT-3 based SaaS, but their internal spinning technology, the output looks really good.

There were already 24 different categories/niches that you can use when I got access, it’s now well over 43.

I will be testing it more and more, but it’s well worth the investment.


Brandon Garrett

Dynasty Marketing

Such an easy way to put out loads of emails and email funnels with little time and effort. This has it all. 

There are ready-made campaign templates for those like me who have zero interest in trying to create email content. For those who are far more industrious, they can make their own.

The simplicity with which one can write a lot of content (all you have to do is answer questions and fill in blanks) by using the templates is amazing.

In very little time, you can have an engaging email series ready to copy & paste and send to your audience.

Of course, you can edit any and all elements in it if you want to personalize it further.

A worthy investment indeed!

In case you don’t know, 

Email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy out there, and is still the most profitable strategy…. A lot of companies are doing it…

It’s hands down the best way to generate leads, nurture the leads, make sales, retain customers, and increase revenue.


Take a Look at The Data Below…

Email marketing has an ROI of 4200%. That is, for every $1 invested into it, you will get back $42

Data and Marketing Association

18% of companies and business owners achieve ROI greater than $70 per $1 invested. That is an amazing 7000%


Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to customer acquisition


59% of marketers believe email is over twice as effective at generating leads than channels such as PPC and paid social media


91% of shoppers want to hear from companies they do business with via email

Marketing Sherpa

61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by business owners and brands through email


80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention

Sale Cycle

Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers

Word Stream

All these stats point to one thing:

E-mail marketing works like magic

But even though this is true…

A lot of business owners think that email marketing is dead --- Or that their products and services are not good enough

Many think their email list has lost its spark, leading them to constantly chase after new lists, only to face the same underwhelming outcomes.

Sound familiar?

And despite all your EFFORTS, your email marketing isn’t hitting the mark, and you’re left wondering where things went wrong.

I'd like To Point Out That The Issue Might Not Be Your Products or Services...

It’ll still be very much relevant as far as marketing is concerned.

It’s Actually The Email Copy You’re Using That’s Holding You Back...

Let me explain:

If your emails lack compelling Subject Lines, Persuasive Content that piques your subscribers’ interest, and a Strong Call-to-Action, they won’t deliver the desired results

As a matter of fact, your emails SHOULD:


Without these COMPONENTS, your emails won’t be effective, and your email marketing won’t yield the results you seek.

Unfortunately, writing strong email copy that checks all these boxes is EXTREMELY Challenging

And until now, you have only a limited number of options.

OPTION #1: Buy an email swipe file

While buying pre-made email swipes might be convenient for some people, they require copywriting skills to tailor.

Without this, you’d need a professional copywriter.

Moreover, many in your niche might use the same swipes. 

Another Snag is…

If subscribers have seen similar emails from multiple sources, they’ll likely unsubscribe or ignore your messages.

Option #2: Write the Emails yourself

This not only consumes precious time better spent on pivotal business tasks but also demands extensive training, costing you months and significant investment. 

Even with training, the looming threat of writer’s block can halt your progress every time you attempt to write.

Option #3: Hire an Experienced Copywriter

While they bring expertise, top-tier copywriters come with a hefty price tag, often charging $200-$400 per email

If you’re emailing frequently, costs can skyrocket

Despite the cost, they’re frequently overbooked, leading to delays

We once had to postpone a major launch due to late delivery, damaging our reputation and trust with partners and subscribers.

Option #4: Hire Cheap Copywriters on Freelance Platforms Like Fiverr

While they might charge as little as $5 per email, their quality often falls short, leading to increased bounce rates and spam reports.

Their templated approach means your emails might mirror those of competitors, diluting your brand’s uniqueness.

This can paint you as unprofessional, prompting subscribers to lose TRUST in your brand, and unsubscribe.

Option #5: Use AI-based Copywriting Tools.

There are many of these tools out there, and most of them use Chat GPT 3 Model which is cost-effective. 

However, those AI tools often misses the human touch needed for creating compelling, conversion-focused emails

It doesn’t always match the strategies top copywriters use for optimal results…

Believe it or not, most marketers and companies we know are still using copy written by humans for their marketing.

That also includes Ai copywriting companies.

How do we know this?

Because our team had been hired multiple times to write emails for promoting some popular Ai copywriting products in the market.

As proof, here’s the most recent offer we got to write a 14-day sequence for promoting Jasper.


What does this tell you?

It simply underscores the irreplaceable value of the human touch in marketing and sales. Even AI copywriting tool creators rely on human copywriters for their promotional content.

So, if these AI tools are as effective as claimed, why the reliance on human copywriters?

It suggests that AI copywriting might be a fallback for those without a dedicated copy team, and are willing to accept less-than-stellar outcomes in their marketing.

The industry leaders that have A-grade copywriters working for them never write their emails with just Ai Tools...

They use HUMAN. They can only use Ai to get insights.

And that’s why they always get Above-Average results whenever they launch any campaign.

If you’re an AVERAGE user who knows nothing about conversion and all the tricks involved in creating a highly persuasive and standard email copy…

…these AI tools won’t be handy to you.


So, what can you do?

How can you get high-converting emails without wasting Time, Energy, & Money?

Considering the less-than-ideal options I mentioned above, I collaborated with my team of email experts, developers, and seasoned copywriters.

We developed a tool that crafts compelling emails by simply answering a few questions about your USE-CASE

Before I give you access to this software…

…let me quickly tell you a little about myself and the #1 reason we built the software.

My name is Peter Onwe,

Peter_Onwe-removebg-preview (1)

Peter Onwe

Co-Founder at EmailWritr

I have been in the online marketing space for over a decade now, and I started as a freelance Email copywriter.

That’s why I know that good copy is the most important thing a business owner needs to generate more sales and make more money.

It’s also why I know that it’s extremely HARD to get high-converting copy – especially email copy.


I was able to get around all the problems business owners have with Selling Through Email...

However, those problems I faced Became The Turning Point For My Life and Business…

I was able to master how to craft compelling email sequences at a very young age,

And I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many industry leaders to craft engaging emails for the purpose of strengthening relationships with their audience, and also SELLING tons of their PRODUCTS

But I wasn’t the only one doing all that…

It didn’t take long before I started getting more copywriting jobs than I could handle.

So, I built a small team, and we started an email copywriting agency.


Together, we studied great email copywriters and marketers such as:

Russell Brunson

Click Funnels

Andre Chaperon

Autoresponder Madness

Dan Levis

Email Alchemy

Joanna Wiebe

Copy Hackers

We started writing “money-raining” email copy for some of today’s biggest marketers.

The likes of Dan Henry and Depesh Mandalia.

You’ve probably heard of them.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We’ve collaborated with over 500+ clients across differnet industries like Internet Marketing, software, health, real estate, and more.

And our clients, for the most part, have been amazed by their results, as you can see below:

Some of them have been able to 2x, 3x, and even 4x their open rates, CTR, conversion, sales & profit thanks to the email sequences we wrote for them.

But then, a lot of our clients started asking if we can write Customizable Email Scripts for them

After listening to their plea, we decided to oblige

But we didn’t just write only the customizable templates….

Instead, we went further to Build this one-of-a-kind Software that allows anyone (including you) to create custom email sequences in 3 minutes or less. 


EmailWritr 2.0

So, What Exactly Is EmailWritr?

Like I mentioned earlier, EmailWritr is a software that allows users to create high-converting emails just by answering a few questions.

With this software…

❌ No more blank screens or writer’s block

❌ No more hefty fees for email copywriters

❌ No more sending mediocre emails that fall flat

❌ No more relying on AI for subpar results…

Plus, you can Create Single Emails and Email Sequences


You can quickly create any type of email you could ever need in your business.

Welcome Sequence

First impressions matter. This email type does more than simply greet your new subscribers. It builds an early foundation of trust, positions you as a reliable guide in your field, and initiates a lasting, sales-friendly rapport with your audience.

Onboarding sequence

Smooth out the onboarding process with this email series. It guides new users from initial setup through advanced features, helping them navigate your product or service with ease and effectiveness, and at the same time, setting the stage for a long-term, valuable relationship. 

Pre-launch sequence

Make your pre-launch campaign a memorable outing with this email type. devise and execute this email type to create awareness about your brand, build anticipation in the audience, and generate leads before the product launch.

Product Launch Sequence

Make your product debut memorable with this email type. From teaser to launch, each email is designed to build anticipation, highlight benefits, and create a compelling narrative that encourages purchases. 

Promotional Sequence

This series of emails packs a punch with its strategic promotional messaging. It’s designed to capture attention, spark desire, and compel action, driving up your sales during promotional periods. 

Affiliate Promotion Sequence

These emails are what you need to promote affiliate offers and nail them in the most reinforced concrete wall. Each email type comes with a unique angle to help you earn more affiliate commissions than ever.

Soap Opera Sequence

Inspire your audience with a success story email that shines a spotlight on triumphs. This email is designed to showcase the possibilities, reinforce the value of your offerings, and motivate subscribers to take action. 

Daily Seinfeld Emails

With these story-based standalone emails, you can entertain your subscribers, educate them, promote offers, and generate more sales. This email type does not follow a particular sequence. 

Re-Engagement Sequence

With these email sequences, you can re-engage your inactive subscribers and make them start opening and reading your emails once again. Use it to re-engage both your current and long-term in-active subscribers.

Educational Sequence

This sequence helps you identify which subjects your customers are most interested in hearing about and delivers educational materials on those subjects to position your brand as a source of information in your industry.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Sequence

Reignite the spark with this magical email sequence. It’s designed to remind customers of what they left behind, showcase the benefits, and offer an irresistible nudge to complete their purchases. 

Holidays Promo Sequence

This is a sequence of emails you can use to run a special discount promo/sale on your favorite holiday seasons. Best for services, software, & other digital products. It also has a section for physical product sellers.

Upsell & Cross Sell Email Sequence

Unlock customer potential with these email series. Each email is purpose-built to highlight the increased benefits and value of premium offerings, encouraging customers to elevate their experience and drive up their lifetime value. 

Story-based emails

Engage your audience on a deeper level with the Story Telling Emails. This email type teaches you how to weave captivating narratives into your emails, enhancing your connection with your audience and driving more conversions. 

Cold Outreach Emails

Break the ice with this email series. It’s designed to grab attention, pique interest, and ignite a conversation with potential prospects. It’s not just about reaching out; it’s about crafting a persuasive narrative that prompts engagement and opens the door for business opportunities. 

Event Promotion Sequence

This is the type of email you can use to announce and create resounding curiosity around your upcoming (online or offline) events while keeping your subscribers wholesomely engaged.

And 100+ More Email Types...

By Choosing EmailWritr 2.0, You'll Unlock These Features & Benefits:

Email Copy Engine

Craft any email style swiftly, be it short emails, detailed emails, standalone emails, or a sequence. 

Our tool ensures quick results without relying entirely on Chat GPT3. 

Instead, it’s powered by a distinct algorithm from our top-tier copywriting team. 

This guarantees superior quality, outshining typical AI-generated content.

2000+ Email Scripts

Eliminate the dread of empty pages and writer’s block with over 2,000+ tested-and-trusted feel-in-the-blanks email scripts.

These templates are derived from emails we’ve crafted, tested, and continue to use for optimal results.

With access to these, you can craft your email content with confidence, rivaling even the best copywriters out there.

Unique AI Email Writer

Are you a big fan of Ai?

This feature crafts full email sequences, not just suggestions. Just input your requirements, and get ready-to-send, optimized content. 

While our primary copy engine outperforms this, we included it for AI enthusiasts.

Language Translator​

Language can be a huge barrier if you’re from an English-speaking country selling it to a non-English-speaking country. But not anymore with EmailWritr.

Skip hiring a foreign copywriter. Use our integrated translator to convert your EmailWritr-crafted content into any of 100+ languages effortlessly.

Create All Email Types

EmailWritr empowers you to craft over 150 email sequences spanning 40+ niches.

From welcome to onboarding, pre-launch to product launch, promotional to story-based, cold outreach to cart recovery, and more.

Plus, enjoy unlimited daily email creations.

Save Your Emails

With EmailWritr, save your crafted sequences directly in the software. Revisit, edit, or reuse them anytime.

 Enjoy limitless storage without ever needing to delete old emails or pay for extra space.

Best of all, you can also save other emails you’ve written in the past.

Email Export

Easily transfer your crafted emails from EmailWritr to your preferred format or.

With just a click, export to PDF, .doc, .txt, or share directly with your VA and business partners. No more manual copying hassles.


Easily connect EmailWritr with autoresponders.

Skip the manual copying; directly transfer emails with a straightforward setup.

Plus, we provide a step-by-step video guide to ensure a smooth integration. 

Supports Team Users

For team collaborations, EmailWritr allows you to add up to 3 members of your team to share worspace, without sharing your personal login details. 

Avoid the risks of password sharing and the costs of multiple accounts, all in one platform.

Free Updates

Benefit from our ongoing additions of email Scripts, Email types, and more.

Any new features or updates are yours at no extra cost. Plus, with EmailWritr’s cloud hosting, all enhancements are seamlessly integrated without any manual downloads.

Dark & Light Mode

While Light mode enhances clarity for most users, Dark mode boosts visibility in bright settings and aids those with visual challenges. 

Switch between modes based on your preference or needs.

24/7 Support

Whenever you have questions or face issues, our dedicated support team is available around the clock via email, ticket, or chat. 

They’re ready to assist, guide, and even craft custom emails for you upon request.

VIP Community

As an EmailWritr user, you’ll get free access to our VIP community, where we share proven-to-work email copywriting and marketing tips. 

Inside the community, you’ll be able to connect with and learn from like-minded business owners.

Plus our team will teach you how to write better emails, how to grow your subscriber base, how to create, personalize and automate your email communication, how to take your delivery rate, conversion, and sales to the next level, AND so much more.


7000+ Users - 100+ 5 Star Reviews On AppSumo


Josef Bartoš

Founder, Clickz Agency

I’ve tried many sales writing tools in the past that uses AI.

But what I’ve come to discover in each of those tools is that they generate only ideas that’ll help the users to write emails by themselves (no call to action or any unique hook)… this means that I’ll still be the one to figure out how to make it look like a message that I’ll send to my audience, and adding the Call to Action myself.

But when I got into the Email Writer Software Application, I noticed that all I needed to do was to answer the questions that the software would ask about my products, and a full-blown email sequence would be generated for me that I’ll just paste on my Autoresponder and click Send. And I can also use the already-made Email swipes—just a fraction of its features.

This is like magic to me, and it’s all that I need in my business right now.

I wish there was anything more than 5 star for these guys; They did a great job.


Marco Vantroba

Network Marketing Professional

In the beginning, I was very skeptical, as I already bought a few other tools that have promised “writing better emails with ease.”

Problem with nearly ALL of them: 0.8-15 emails. Just a few and not very high-quality written.

When I logged in first into the platform, I was like: “WTH!!! That’s a looot”. I tried a few already done (massive selection and niches) and loved what I saw.

Then, for my latest event,  I decided to use the custom creation feature, and what I need to say: If your language is English, you can just copy and paste, and you’re good to go!

I – as German user with a german speaking audience – was able to just use the inbuilt translation feature and have the whole thing ready to go in less than 3 minutes.

And THIS IS IMPRESSIVE! So a huge 5 Taco Plate as also PETER and team are very fast in responding, and I think, honestly, this will be the next big thing in this niche…


Jet Banks


This is one of the best and most important purchases for my business. The time you save from all the templates is priceless! The ease of use and the quality of content when creating from scratch are top of the line. Grab this deal while you can or you are going to regret it for the rest of your life.



CEO at

Being a solopreneur like myself, I don’t have the time to sit and plan out email sequences. 

But with this software, I can create email sequences in minutes!

Still unsure?

Did I tell you that this software works for every type of business?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what your niche or industry is!

Real Estate, SaaS, eCommerce, Coaching and Consulting, Health and Fitness, Self Help, Make Money Online, Beauty and Skincare, and so many other industries.

Take a look at some of the industries covered:

And each of these industries has different email types in them.

For instance, if you want to run a WEBINAR, you can use EmailWritr to create the following email types to boost your webinar show rates and conversion rates:

Right Now, EmailWritr is currently being used by over 7,000+ Like You All Over the World...



Email Marketers




Affiliate marketing

Local business



Info marketing

And More Much

You name it...

What this means is that EmailWritr will work for you if you are selling any type of product, selling a service, giving away free lead magnets, or promoting someone else's product for a commission...

So, let me ask you:

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, then our software is for you.

Even better, EmailWritr is so easy to use.

To use the software, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

By now, you’re probably wondering if emails created with EmailWritr convert!


Well, let me quickly tell you that we use the software to create all our emails.

And we get outstanding results every time we send out an email to our list.

Open rates as high as 50 to 60%

Click-through rates as high as 8%

Conversion rates as high as 30%

6-figure revenue whenever we launch and promote a new product to our list.

And we’re not the only people who are getting amazing results with EmailWritr.


7000+ Users, 100+ 5 Star Reviews on AppSumo

Take a look at more of what users are saying about the software


Eric Sablan

What a fantastic tool! EmailWritr is the best email writing assistant for those who like to write like I do. 

It’s saved me hours and hours of time and has helped me avoid those dreaded blank emails where I wonder what to say. 

It’s really improved my copy, too.


Possible Jerry

Director at Decider

Using the answers from the prompts this tool gives to you, you can generate the email copy you need for almost every scenario in which you need one. 

What I like more is the attitude of the founders and team with their users and community. They are constantly improving the platform, adding more value to their users, and implementing the feedback they get.


Dean Fugan Gonzalez

I passed up on this the first time I saw it, I figured that I could use another AI software to produce emails.

Then I noticed it had a Vbout integration, so I decided to give it a try, and yes, the UI could use some improvement. 

Besides that, it has so much to offer, and the Vbout integration is just secondary at this point. 

I”m glad I gave it a chance. 🙂


Jenny Jones

The Digital Growth Hack Club

Here is how this tool actually helped me. I had no problems setting up my courses or setting up my lead magnets. Writing email 3-5 days sequence to follow up is. 

But I now have the option to copy and paste an email sequence of over 1,500+ professionally written emails. I can save time by selecting the “done-for-you” emails or the customized emails, or I can flat-out copy on my own into the sequence.


Jay Gross

I’m just getting into email marketing, and I understand that it isn’t only about marketing; it’s also about giving value and providing quality content. That’s always been a delicate balance to me.

I’ve tried AI writers for email-specific text, and they do okay, but it’s a lot like writing a blog post (which is okay some of the time), but EmailWritr has knocked it out of the park for email writing. I don’t think I’ll even use another tool!

Not only do they provide epic emails and email sequences, but you can store your own!


Martin L Mate


I have nothing much to say but thank you for this tool.

It’s very generous, and the email swipe files are of premium quality.

I love the fact that we can create our own script and save it as a project or as a template for future use.

The custom sequence and DFY sequence are very easy to follow, and the output is exactly what I wanted and more. So glad I caught sight of this tool at the time I needed it the most. 

5 star all the way!


Kathleen Kelly


I’m an author, and you’d think my fortnightly newsletter would come easily… it doesn’t. 

I’ve only sent one email at this point; I’ve got to say it works. My preorders increased significantly, and I sold more books in that series. 

I track everything, so I know that I sell more books when I send out a newsletter, but this was a huge spike.

I can’t wait to try it again and see how well it performs.


Scott Sprouse

I have been using EmailWritr for a couple of weeks now, and it has been a fantastic experience. I’ve already seen an increase in open rates, and it’s incredibly easy to use. The customer service is phenomenal, the features are plentiful, and the price is right!

It has cut down my email marketing time by at least 50%, which is a huge help if you never seem to find the time to email your list…. I’ve been there – but now that I have EmailWritr – I’m sending more emails and actually getting more opens and clicks.

So, you see, EmailWritr has been helping a lot of people like you to step up their email marketing game.

And there's a reason emails created with this software work so well.

The software was created by a team of experienced copywriters.

People whose bread and butter is creating emails that convert leads into customers by the truckloads.

People who have studied world-class, legendary copywriters.

And people who have been writing emails for 7 and 8-figure marketers.

These people built all their years of copywriting experience into the software.

So, using the software is almost like hiring them to create emails for you.

The only difference is that you won’t have to pay the thousands of dollars they charge as fees.

How Much Does EmailWritr Cost?

We’re giving out a lifetime access to the EmailWritr Premium Account.

And NORMALLY, payment for this plan is $29 per month and $348 each year

That’s what our customers who sign up via our home page are paying every month to use EmailWritr.

However, we are NOT going to ask you to start making monthly payments to be able to use the software.

That’s because we’re currently running a promo where interested users can make a little one-time payment and get lifetime access to EmailWritr.

We’re doing this because we want to get the number of users we have from 7k to 20k before the end of this year.

So, how much is this one-time payment?

Given that…

Asking you to pay $997 one-time payment for EmailWritr is MORE than fair.


Just one powerful sequence created with this software could Skyrocket your email marketing going forward.

But like I said, we won’t charge you $997 

Not even close.

I’ll tell you all about the special discount we’ve arranged for you when you decide to lock in your spot today.

First, let me tell you about…

$2,600 Worth of Exclusive BONUSES For You When You Get EmailWritr Today:


From A Subscriber To A Buyer

While a growing subscriber list is valuable, it doesn’t guarantee profits. Earnings come when subscribers become loyal customers.

Transitioning subscribers to buyers isn’t straightforward, and many marketers stumble here.

To assist, we’re offering you this insightful book.

It guides you in building trust and lasting relationships with subscribers, ultimately converting them into lifelong customers.


Plug-and-Play Sales Copy Template

Effective sales require compelling copy that drives purchases. Crafting such persuasive content often demands expertise.

To ease this, we’re offering you four robust sales copy templates, modeled after our most successful campaigns.

While direct replication isn’t effective, these templates are designed for easy customization to fit your product and business. Just tweak as per our guidelines, and you’re set!


Freelance Email Copywriting Course

Looking for a lucrative income stream? Dive into freelance copywriting.

We began as freelancers before venturing into SaaS, so we know its potential.

Email copywriting is especially appealing; clients often give newcomers a chance since email campaigns are cost-effective.

This course guides you in launching a thriving freelance email copywriting venture.

And with the EmailWritr app, crafting emails for clients becomes a breeze, letting you deliver quality and earn swiftly.


28 Hot Keywords to Rank As Copywriter

Wondering how to boost your visibility on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork? Keywords are pivotal.

They significantly influence your ranking, ensuring potential clients find you.

Using the right keywords can spotlight your services, while the wrong ones can bury your profile.

To streamline your success, we’ve curated 28 prime keywords to elevate your profile’s ranking when clients seek email copywriters.

You'll get lifetime access to EmailWritr and all the BONUSES above for a One-Time Price Below:

Premium Plan


Custom Sequence

30 Sequence/Mo

DFY Sequence

20 DFY Sequence/Mo

Number Of Email Copy

250 emails/Mo

Create emails in any industry

Create any email type

Email Rewrite Tokens


Save Unlimited Projects

Autoresponder Integrations

EmailWritr Branding in Emails


Number of Users

Supports 3 Users

24/7 Support


Today's Special Offer


ONE-TIME PAYMENT. Pay Once & Get Access For Life

A 100% money-back guarantee covers your investment in EmailWritr.

So, get access to EmailWritr today and use it to start creating high-converting emails.

If during the next 30 days, you decide that the software isn’t for you, just send us an email at or create a ticket here 

Once you do that, we’ll not only cancel your subscription but also issue you a full refund.

All the best,

The EmailWritr Team

P.S. When it comes to email marketing, Quality email copy is the bridge between success and mediocrity. It’s the distinction between 6-figure monthly earnings and barely making sales.

That’s why we’re introducing you to possibly the finest email copywriting tool you’ll encounter. With it, craft any email swiftly, ensuring high conversions.

P.P.SAt this juncture, you face four choices:

#1. Shell out significant sums monthly for seasoned copywriters.

#2. Invest in costly courses, dedicating 6-12 months to mastering email copywriting.

Persist with AI tools, settling for subpar emails and reduced engagement.

#4. Or, Click here to get access to EmailWritr, crafting compelling emails effortlessly.

I’d personally vouch for the fourth.

P.P.P.S. – While others pay a monthly $39 for EmailWritr, we’re offering you lifetime access at a one-time fee of just $67.

There are no recurring costs, just a singular investment for perpetual access.

P.P.P.P.S – Our 100% money-back guarantee ensures zero risks. If you’re not wholly satisfied, we’ll promptly refund your investment. No questions asked.

Special Lifetime EmailWritr Deal

Usually: $348/year

Today: Only 1-Payment of $67

Here Are the things YOU'LL GET for $67

Here are more comments from entrepreneurs and copywriters who are already using EmailWritr to create powerful emails for their businesses.


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Eugen Popa

CEO at Pro Success Training

As the title states, this is a super cool and slick way to put out tons of emails and email funnels in no time. Simply choose a ready-made campaign template or make your own.

What I love best about this is that you can actually write a lot of content by simply answering some questions and filling in the blanks by using the templates.

At the end of the process, you can have a super cool email series that you can just copy/paste and ready to send your audience. Of course, you can edit any and all elements in it if you want to personalize it further.

What is this best for? – People who often complain about “writer’s block” and “running out of ideas.” If you get this, be ready to let go of that excuse! For real! I purchased in no time and already put it to use, and use I did! Great deal, I highly recommend it!


Bentley Oleg

Affiliate Marketer

I have to say, I’m a huge fan of EmailWritr. 

Although I already have leadscript and closerscopy. It is an amazing tool for email marketing. 

The templates are very rich and cover most industries and niches quite well. 

They’re simple yet complete in their functionality with just the right amount of customization you need for your business needs. 

I love that it has made my job easier by allowing me to create emails faster than ever before since all I do now is copy/paste from this template into an actual email client (which can be done using DFY). 

If you’re looking for a powerful but easy-to-use tool that will save time and make your workflow much more efficient, then look no further!

Tiagos Santos

Tiago Santos

Digital Marketer

I have been looking for a tool that will help with creating email sequences for some online tutoring courses I am building. 

I tried some AI tools, and the results were okay. I found EmailWritr, and the types of emails generated are quite decent and usable.

I feel this tool will help me with my email marketing and automation, and I am looking forward to further exploring it. I am also waiting on emails to be created for some new niches.

Big thanks to Peter and his team.

Ajay Kumar 2

Ajay Kumar


I have been using EmailWritr for the past few weeks, and it has helped me with my email copy. 

It has a plethora of done-for-you email sequences for all use cases you can ever imagine. And all these emails are written by professional copywriters and are of top quality. I have started using it for one of my campaigns, and I can already see the difference in CTR. 

I love how it guides through the best conversion words and phrases. It is really a lifesaver, especially for newbie entrepreneurs like me – EmailWritr is worth every single penny!

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Frequently Asked Questions

EmailWritr is a software that allows you to create high converting emails just by answering a few questions about your product/service and your audience.

It can be used to create any type of emails you’ll need to thrive in your industry or niche.

Email marketing is the best way to generate sales. Unfortunately, creating emails that convert is hard. You either have to spend time learning how to do it yourself or pay copywriters to do it for you. EmailWritr solves these problems by helping you to create high converting emails in minutes.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from our beta users, this bundle has helped ordinary people like you to leverage email marketing in growing their business.

However, we are not promising you the same results as results may vary. Your own results may be better or less.

In fact, we’re not promising that you’ll get any specific outcomes as a result using our resources.

And that’s because we don’t know how you’re going to use the resources once you get access to them. 

Apart from that, there are too many other variables (we can’t control) to make any predictive promise.


EmailWritr was created by a team of experienced email copywriters that have been writing emails for small and top businesses over the years, so the emails you’ll create with the software can bring you better results, provided your list is not a dead one.


When we released the first version of EmailWritr, we only covered the most popular industries. However, we started getting so many requests to add more niches. We listened to our customer’s feedback and today, we have over 50 industries and hundred of email types.

The best part is that we also have a general category that allows our users whose industries are not covered to create emails that targets their niche.

Also, we occasionaly do a poll in our community to find out the email types our customers want us to add to the platform.

Hundreds of business owners, copywriter and email marketers have used EmailWritr and confirmed that it’s top-notch. That’s why we’re sure that you’re going to love it.

However, if you’re not happy with the software for any reason, simply say so and we will cancel your account and give you a refund.

Send us a ticket at and our support team will give you all the assistance you need.

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